Fair Hill Cross

I’m taking a sip of my Earl Grey when Chris says “This is downright civilized” as we drive south on I-95 with the sun already bright in the sky. I say “I know. I stopped at DunkinDonuts this morning and there were other people there!” The First State Velo Sport Fair Hill Xross is #9 […]

Swashbuckler Cross 1

This is not going as planned. It is 2:23 AM and I am dialing 911 for the first time in my life. Relax, its not an emergency, the @ssh@le circus across the street (our neighbors) are setting off fireworks… Still. Halloween was done hours ago and who ever heard of setting off fireworks for Halloween anyway? My […]

HPCX 2014

This is my first time attending a UCI event. I guess that means it is a big sorta thing. However, I’m not going to be there to watch the pros race. I just can’t hang out that long this weekend. Things to do, you know? So, HPCX is the “Highland Park” Cyclocross race, but it […]

Town Hall Cross

“Town Hall Cross” is in Bethlehem, PA. Its not a part of my local cyclocross series, but it isn’t far away and there is no MAC event this weekend. I need experience more than anything else so… The Lovely Annalisa wasn’t feeling up to making this trip, but I am extremely lucky to have my best bud […]


After the debacle of Granogue Cross, I’ve been in a hurry to redeem myself in the eyes of the cyclocross gods. They have a couple more trials for me to endure first… You may remember that I flatted at Granogue? Once home again I repair the cut tire and remount it. As I inflate it […]

My Introduction to Cyclocross – Part 2: Granogue Cross 2

This is Part 2 of “My Introduction to Cyclocross”. Part 1: The Bike is here.   I feel ready for this. I’ve practiced and tested for three days. I know what tire pressure I want to run and how I am going to approach the race. Sure, I’ve been practicing in the dry and it […]

My Introduction to Cyclocross – Part 1: The Bike

When I joined team Stampede, I knew that they were cyclocross crazy. I didn’t know why, but I’d seen the pictures. Six months ago I picked up a cyclocross frame at the Newark Bike Swap. But that was pretty much all I had, the frame, fork, three quarters of a headset, and a seatpost collar […]

Ramsey’s Revenge

Date: June 7, 2014 On March 24th at 2:47 PM I sent Chris the URL “http://www.ramseysrevenge.com“. I said “It’s actually an open date for me and we should be hot off our vacation miles.” Ramsey’s Revenge was a XC mountain bike race that was being held right here in our back yard in Brandywine State […]

I’m Licensed!

Date: March 6, 2014 Today I took the next step in my path to becoming a bike racer again… I bought myself a USA Cycling license. Before today, I’d always just used one-day licenses purchased at the event itself. Now, I will have a little slip of paper and my very own ID number. Yay! […]