I joined a Stampede!

I hadn’t raced my bike since I was in college and I was never part of a cycling team before. Now at 39 years of age, I have been invited to join a team of cyclists. This is strictly awesome.

After I rode with some of the team at this year’s D2R2, they thought I was just  about their kind of person and invited me to join. I am honored!

The origins of the team are in Boston, but Chris was already a member and this summer he moved back to Delaware, so the team was OK with starting a southern contingent. The team’s stated purpose is great. It isn’t about racing specifically, nor is it all business, though both of those things play a part. No, it is mostly a group of people who are passionate about cycling and want to formally join up to ride together, support each other, promote the sport, cycling in general, and those businesses and organizations that we love.

I admit, I had no aspirations to go racing again until THIS team invited me. They make it special and interesting and that makes it worth doing for me.

This all happened back in September and I’ve already done my first race in team kit!

Coming across the finish line of the 2013 River Towns TT

Coming across the finish line of the 2013 River Towns TT


Check US out!


facebook_logo_sv https://www.facebook.com/TEAM.STAMPEDE

flickr_icon_sv http://www.flickr.com/groups/2257706@N23/pool/

twitter_icon_sv https://twitter.com/STAMPEDEcycling


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