Annie’s Tomii Inspiration

I have successfully brought The Lovely Annalisa up to a new height in cycling geekery. Commissioning a custom bike must be near the peak of that particular mountain.

Her second road bike is a custom frame built by Nao Tomii of Tomii Cycles. When we went looking for a new bike for her, she started the process knowing only two things, it would fit her perfectly and it would be purple.

As Nao will be the first to tell you, the custom paint is one of the most exciting parts of producing a custom frame. Annalisa happened upon her inspiration after almost a year of thinking about it. Her undergraduate degree is in ornamental horticulture and she maintains a constant love of plants at home. Around here, the crocus is a sign of the approaching spring. Earth’s awakening after months of slumber is always a wondrous thing to behold and Annalisa found inspiration in the crocus’s vibrant colors.

We worked with my friend Chris to test the colors on a mockup in the computer. Nao took our basic concept and turned it into a final design for Jordan Low to bring into reality through a spray gun. I supplied moral support.

What the FedEx truck delivered to our door is one of those rare moments when a collection of talented artists and inspiration come together and successfully realize a dream.

As my wife was unwrapping her dream on the dining room table, inspiration for a photoshoot struck me. These few shots are the result.

In the media:

Annie’s frame is making the internet media rounds.

  • January 28, 2015: Featured on the RADAVIST.

For your reference:

Tomii Cycles website

Nao Tomii’s Flickr flickr_icon_sv

Nao Tomii’s Instagram instagram_icon_sv

Jordan Low’s Flickr flickr_icon_sv

Jordan Low’s Instagram instagram_icon_sv

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