1982 Peugeot PKN10

This bike is for sale. $350 OBO
It is located in Wilmington, DE. I would prefer a local pickup but am willing to ship it if necessary.

I purchased this bike locally from a guy who was attempting to slowly shrink his collection. I was attracted to this bike because it was almost complete and looked like something I could use for retro-rides like the L’Eroica (a bucket list ride for me).

My sleuthing skills suggest to me that this bike was well loved early in its life but then was forgotten. It was clearly ridden enough to warrant replacement of one rim and one brake caliper, as they do not match the original spec but are period replacements. From there is lived a long while in storage, being kept dry but not being ridden. At some point, its saddle was taken for another bike or lost to a thief. In storage it must have fallen over or been rubbed against many times, as there’s little else that would explain some of the markings.

However, it is solid and most of the original components that made it special are still intact. I decided it was worth the considerable effort required to bring it back to perfect function but that I would retain all the original paint and components to preserve its history. The scratches are all still there, but everything has been compounded and polished to an as-new shine.

This makes a bike that can be ridden with joy and pride, but without concern for an additional scratch or bit of wear. It is a rider. I use it primarily for going to the store but my favorite use for it is “family” style rides. You know, those rides where you are talking while riding, never use the drops, and there isn’t a Garmin to be seen anywhere.

All of the studio shots below are thanksĀ to Chris Raia.


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