Schwinn Gremlin on its 3rd Life

My Dad found this bike in a ditch. He cleaned it up and gave it to my niece. She rode it for a few years but has outgrown it. Her sister needs a bike now, and it would be perfect for her. There is, however, a problem. When asked, Madeline says “She can have it, […]

Annie’s Tomii Studio Shots by Chris Raia

The internet demands photo documentation. Oft is the saying “pics, or it didn’t happen” typed into comment boxes when photographs don’t accompany a post. I’m guilty of it on occasion. I won’t ever make that mistake when it comes to this bike though. Annalisa’s sweet Tomii is just too much eye candy to treat it […]

Annie’s Casati Ellisse – For Sale

For Sale Sadly, it is time to say goodbye to this bike. It served its purpose well. That purpose was to infect my wife with a love of road cycling. It turned out that it was too big for her and we’ve recently taken delivery of a custom Tomii Cycles road frame, so she has […]

Bilenky Junkyard Cross 2014

Last year I was a sick spectator. Chris, his progeny, and I made the short drive to Philly and Big Guy’s Used Auto Parts to watch we knew not what. Immediately thereafter, we vowed to return with bikes and a registration. It is morning one year later I’m kissing The Lovely Annalisa goodbye. She wishes me luck […]

Limestone Cross at the Kiln 1

EMMAUS, PA – Sunday, December 14, 2014 The night before… 8 AM? Wait, I thought all MAC series events started at 9 in the morning? Damn, I have to get up EARLY tomorrow! Chris and I decide to take the Suburban so that we can pre-pack it and save time in the morning. It isn’t […]

Kutztown Cross

In the week leading up to this race, the Facebook page for Kutztown Cross showed a video of a course feature they were building, a series of 4 monster sized mounds of dirt. “That’s cool” I thought. “Nice to see them putting in the effort to add some interest.”   Warm-Up Now Chris and I […]